I have a 3GS running 5.1. Memory management is key to keeping it running smoothly. I've tried:

  • SBSettings processes. Clears apps one by one and clears memory - and leaves them in the task switcher. But you have to clear one by one
  • RemoveBG. One press but removes all apps from task switcher
  • WeeCloseApps - as above.

Is there a tweak or app that can:

  • clear all running apps in one press
  • leave all apps in the task switcher
  • clean up memory

This is because I use the task switcher as a "recent used apps" list - which is sort of Apple's model - for example, when you reboot iPhone no apps are running in the background, but the task switcher is still populated with your recently used apps.

  • Reboot the phone! Clears all running apps but keeps task switcher content. – nohillside Nov 26 '12 at 20:41
  • That certainly does it - but takes ages. When some apps crash (eg Safari) they dump you back to the homescreen, clear all the RAM and leave the apps in the task switcher. Maybe I should just find an app that crashes consistently! – awidgery Nov 27 '12 at 10:36

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