I've just got a new laptop with Mountain Lion. The calendar has the old color coded options of 'Work', 'Home' etc, however it also has my email address as an option. If I select 'Work' and create a new event it automatically changes to the email account, meaning that I get email alerts for events, which I dont want.

How can I change this behaviour?

UPDATE - Actually I want to completely remove Google Calendar from my mac calendar so i dont get email alerts either. Thanks


To Remove the Calendar completely.

Go to the Mail, Contacts & Calendars Preference in System Preferences select the google mail account and uncheck the Calendars & Reminders

Contacts & Calendars Preference

To Set the default Calendar for new events.

In Calendar the default calendar for new events is controlled in the Preferences.

You can set it to Selected Calender to make new events appear for the calendar you have selected

enter image description here

or choose a particular calendar

enter image description here

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You just need to remove Google account from your Calendar, nothing else. Just go to Calendar preferences cmd+, then in accounts tab, you can select which account to keep and which to remove. Click on Google/Gmail account and click on the negative sign - at the bottom to remove it.

PS: You just reminded me that I need to remove my google calendar too and I just did it. It worked fine, no more google calendar. So it verified the solution too.

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