I want to be able to access my Macbook Air (Late-2011, Mountain Lion), when the lid is closed (in sleep mode), remotely from my iPhone 4GS.

I have tried using LogMeIn Ignition App but it does not allow you to wake the laptop from sleep.

Is there any other way/solution people are using currently?

  • You might be able to keep the LogMeIn app if you set up BackToMy Mac and use the prompt app (or another ssh app) to wake your mac remotely from sleep first by the incoming ssh traffic. Your router will need to be an Airport or support the Bonjour sleep proxy protocol to translate the incoming ssh traffic into a WOL packet.
    – bmike
    Nov 24, 2012 at 22:41

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I have an Air that I leave in clamshell mode when it is at home.

I also have an AirPort router that connects it to the internet and have it set to have the Mac wake for Wi-Fi access in the Energy Saver system preference pane.

  • On iOS, I use the paid app Screens VNC app and configure it to use SSH.
  • On the Mac, I use the free Screens Connect app in conjunction with the also free Edovia remote location brokering service in case my router gets a new IP address. I don't really need that since I have a fixed IP address, but it simplifies setup and allows me to reach my Mac when it's not at home as well.

This setup works to wake my sleeping Air when I need to access my computer from any of my iOS devices through the internet.


Change the settings on your Mac computer so that the computer keeps running when you close the lid

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