I was given a used 3g iphone and iTunes updated the phone. It is on 4.2.1 with firmware 5.15.04.

What do I need to do to jailbreak it, so that I can download apps?

  • You can't use this place as a guide to help you pirate apps. Sorry bud.
    – user10355
    Jul 15, 2013 at 22:29

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Not going to tell you how to download apps, as it's in a grey area of legality.

Jailbreaking however, is perfectly legal...

I would suggest using an app called Redsn0w. I believe the latest version should still support older phones, though I have not tried it...

There are many guides on the web for doing this. A simple Google search found quite a few. Just find one thats uses Redsn0w and your good...

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