Apple lists the iPad mini models on the Identifying iPad models web page and lists two cellular models:

  • A1454 on the iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • A1455 on the iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular (MM)

I can't seem to find a mapping between these models and the iPads for sale by Apple since they list the intended carrier and a different part number like MD534LL/A. Apple has a nice LTE page for iPhones, but I can't find the iPad page.

In the US, the Black 16 GB iPad Mini (2012) has the following parts for our three cellular carriers:

  • AT&T - MD534LL/A
  • Sprint - ME215LL/A
  • Verizon - MD540LL/A

None of the Apple LTE articles seem to be updated yet for the 4th Generation iPad with LTE or the iPad Mini with LTE so I'm stumped at the moment. What is the difference between the Cellular A1454 model and the Cellular (MM) A1455 model?

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The comparable page you're looking for is: http://www.apple.com/ipad/LTE/. A1454 is used for AT&T and similar Canadian networks only, while Sprint, Verizon and overseas carriers use A1455.

All bands are also listed on the specs page:

  • Model A1454
    • GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
    • UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)
    • LTE (Bands 4 and 17)
  • Model A1455
    • CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Rev. B (800, 1900, 2100 MHz)
    • GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
    • UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)
    • LTE (Bands 1, 3, 5, 13, 25)
  • And I have absolutely no idea what MM stands for.
    – gabedwrds
    Nov 24, 2012 at 16:56
  • I'll see if I can get an answer on MM - thanks for the assist - it looks like you pressed "answer" about 50 seconds before I had my answer composed. :)
    – bmike
    Nov 24, 2012 at 17:05

It looks like I just didn't look hard enough.

http://www.apple.com/ipad/LTE/ has all the goods on the model numbers.

The iPad mini Cellular A1454 Model supports LTE bands 4 (AWS) and 17 (700b MHz). The carriers listed for this Model are AT&T in the US and all Canadian carriers (Bell, Rogers, Telus).

The iPad mini Cellular A1455 Model supports LTE bands 1 (2100 MHz), 3 (1800 MHz), 5 (850 MHz), 13 (700c MHz), and 25 (1900 MHz). This model is for Sprint and Verizon in the US as well as all other countries around the globe.

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