Since the update to iOS 6, my iPhone (or iTunes) does not copy the photos I have on my Windows system to the iPhone.

The update to iOS 6.0.1 doesn't seem to have helped.

I have removed all photos from both the iPhone and the sync area on the Windows system, but when I return the photos to the sync area, nothing gets copied to the iPhone.

How can I get my photo sync to work again?


Alright, I got it working again. Something in the following ritual did the trick:

  • remove all photos and videos from the sync directory on the Windows system
  • sync
  • empty out the directories on the iPhone visible through the windows explorer
  • remove all photos and videos from the iPhone
  • sync
  • recreate the sync directory on the Windows system with all the directories and photos (except the "Thumbnails" folder) as you want them
  • go back into iTunes while the iPhone is connected, note that the "sync photos" checkboxk is cleaerd, re-check and verify that iTunes is looking at the correct sync directory
  • sync

...and the photos are there. I don't know which chicken-wave was the one which actually fixed the problem.


You could use other software like iExplorer. If you can't be waiting, use iCloud to sync %HOME%\Pictures\iCloud Photos\My Photo Stream and copy out.

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