The previous question provides answers for Windows and other addons are for older versions of FF, or do not answer the question. This is a specific question for OSX.

Chrome has a built in task manager under "Tools" to look at the process within Chrome, extremely beneficial in locating a stuck page. What is the similar feature in firefox?

I need to identify what is causing it to run slowly, and the addons they suggested dont work for OSX or are outdated, and Chrome's about:memory isn't recognizing FF

FF Version 17.0, OSX version 10.8.2 Build 12C3006

How to get to Task Manager: where to access task manager

Task Manager: task manager for chrome


Possible Duplicate:
“Task Manager” addon for Firefox?

  • I don't know for sure whether something like this exists or not, but I suspect it may not be possible, due to the way Firefox is architected. Chrome uses a separate process for each tab, which makes it fairly easy to see on a per-tab basis what's using CPU and RAM. Firefox has a single process for the entire browser, which makes getting specific per-tab information much more difficult. – robmathers Nov 22 '12 at 0:23
  • yes, per tab is likely not possible, but is there not a way to identify the rogue code/script/addon, similar to the network portion of the debugger? – chris Frisina Nov 22 '12 at 1:48

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