I'm trying to install a program called CSIM (neural micro circuit simulator) and one of the steps is as follows:

Step 2. Run: configure; make; for Linux/Unix(/Mac OS)

But I can't run, not even find, the configure script. I've already installed Xcode and command line tools.

Can anybody help me?


That's the typical sequence of build steps for many cross-platform Open Source projects.

The configure command should be part of your downloaded package, so assuming your package is called CsimOSS you should

  • open up your Terminal
  • change to the CsimOSS folder (e.g. cd + dropping the folder into the Terminal window)
  • enter ./configure

The ./ in front of configure tells the shell to look for the command in the current directory (which is usually not in the standard search PATHs for security reasons).

  • I believe my package doesn't got configure... I'll try another download first. Nov 21 '12 at 12:33

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