I used Bootcamp (5.0) to create a Windows 7 install USB. It successfully created the install USB but when I reboot the system and hold down the option-key to boot from the USB drive, the boot-loader doesn't give me the option of booting from USB.

I also tried recreating the install USB from another Windows 7 machine using Microsoft's own Windows 7 USB creation tool but I still don't get the option of booting from USB on my mac.
What am I doing wrong here? Any Ideas?


You need to format the USB drive to use the GUID partition type -- use the Disk Utility on your Mac.

source Apple support docs


As far as I know, if your mac still has an optical drive, you are forced to boot Windows from a DVD (and won't be able to boot it up from the USB).

  • Do you have anything to support this? – Danijel-James W Oct 1 '13 at 11:25

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