I do a lot of pair programming. Some developers that I pair with use Linux as their primary desktop. So none of the keyboard shortcuts they are used to work.

What I would like to be able to do is bind multiple key chords to the same action. For example I want both ctrl-t and cmd-t to open a new tab in chrome.

I know that you can rebind shortcuts in system preferences/keyboard. I just don't know how to set multiple keystrokes to the same action.

  • Sorry Peter you're right, I deleted the answer as I misunderstood what the program did. Good luck! Jan 28 '11 at 23:16

It seems like adding a shortcut in the Keyboard preferences will override the built-in defaults. You can use Keyboard Maestro (a paid app) to add such things - easiest would be to add a trigger for the alternative combo which translates into a menu action or into the original keyboard shortcut being sent to the application of choice.


I ended using Karabiner probably not as powerful as Maestro, but for simple needs it does the job beautifully.


I use BetterTouchTool for this. Here you can create a keyboard shortcut which sends a shortcut of your choice. Simply as that!

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