I'd like to connect my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Stock JellyBean) to my Macbook Pro (early-2012, running OSX Lion) via an access point created by my Macbook Pro.

Sadly I can't even see the access point on my Android phone.

Does anyone know a possible solution to this problem?

Additional information: A nearby Windows-PC and iPhone can connect to the AdHoc-network of the Macbook. The android phone can connect to all other wifi.

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Sadly, most versions of Android do not support adhoc networking (only infrastructure), which is almost certainly what your Macbook is broadcasting. There is a program called Wifi Adhoc Enabler on the Play Store, which will allow the device to see adhoc networks. I think it requires root access though.

  • is it possible for osx to create a wifi access point, that android will support? Apr 18, 2015 at 10:43

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