I often have five or six Safari (and Chrome) windows open, each containing several tabs. I often lose track of where a live tab is when I want to return to it.

I can use the Safari window menu option from the main menu to list the names of the active/front tabs in all the open windows, but this doesn’t help me if the tab I’m after is not active/at the front of its window.

Is there an AppleScript or extension that expands on the 'window' menu to list ALL tabs within a window as a child menu item / drop-down?

This would save me minutes of frustration everyday. I’d love a similar solution for Chrome! I've come across https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tree-style-tab/ for Firefox which looks good but I’d prefer that the tree or list is available from the main menu and not within the browser viewport.

  • Not a great solution, but there's a Safari extension called Sessions which shows you a list of all your open tabs, and also keeps a copy of your setup for you. It doesn’t do exactly what you want, but it might be better than nothing. – alexwlchan Jun 1 '13 at 16:36

If you have Alfred 2, there is a workflow for selecting Safari tabs by typing. It includes tabs from all windows, but it doesn't group them by window.

enter image description here


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