I upgraded my iPad to iOS 6. Now all my apps appear to be gone. Am I missing something? Have they moved to a new place? How do I get them back?

(I don't sync my iPad to a computer, if that is relevant.)


If you don't have a backup somewhere (on a computer or in iCloud) you must download all apps again from the App Store.

For the next time go to Settings > iCloud > Storage (in the bottom) > Turn on iCloud-backup.


You should not have lost your apps if you upgraded from iOS 5 to iOS 6. Are you sure they weren't moved to a different page on your home screen? Did you go from iOS 4 to iOS 6?

If they truly are gone, you can easily get a list of all your previously purchased/downloaded apps by going to the App Store, then the "Updates" tab, then by tapping on "Purchased".

  • "Are you sure they weren't moved to a different page on your home screen?" - That's entirely possible! Is there any particular place where I should be looking to find them, now that my iPad is running iOS 6? (Yes, I'm pretty sure this was an upgrade from iOS 5.) Anyway, thanks for your answer -- very helpful!
    – D.W.
    Nov 8 '12 at 22:49
  • Just look one screen to the right. You said that ALL your apps were missing, right? Nov 8 '12 at 23:10

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