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I check "Use option as meta key" checkbox in Mac OS X Terminal, because I like to use emacs way of moving between words: M-f & M-b.

But if I do that, I can't get the backslash (Option + º; i.e.: Option + key-at-the-left-of-1-in-spanish-keyboard). If I uncheck it, then I can input the backslash, but I don't have M-f & M-b.

Is there a way to get both? This is driving me nuts!

  • Hm, but Alt-Shift-7 gives you the backslash without remapping something - am I missing something ??
    – user19661
    Mar 5, 2012 at 9:07

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And, as I already answered you on stackoverflow, the solution is to put the following line into your ~/.bash_profile, which remaps the unicode character "∫" (Unicode: E288AB, which is what is sent to your terminal right now in your desired configuration when you press Option + °) to the backslash character:

bind '"\033\xE2\x88\xAB"':'"\\"'

I have built a solution myself and it doesn't require abandoning Terminal.app in favour of iTerm 2.

It is a simple status bar app that runs in the background and rewrites all left Alt + $KEY key events to two key events in rapid succession, Esc, then $KEY; however, it only does this if Terminal.app is in focus.

You can find the source for the app here. You'll need Xcode to build it.

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Asmus' answer does not seem enough because it fixes backslash on bash. But then there's zsh. And Emacs. And etc.

But since there's no way to map non-function keys in Terminal.app, I'm afraid I can't see another solution: you'd have to go ahead and map all the keys you want in all the programs you need them, which is a drag and is not optimum, because you won't ever have ƒ and ^[f at once.

Or try habibalamin's solution, it seems far simpler and it keeps distinct functionality for left alt and right alt. I will vote up after trying it.

I can't comment with my rep on this stack site, sorry.

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