The primary location for my contacts currently is with my company's Exchange server. I've sync'd with this since I got my first iPhone 3G in 2008. This is my last week with this company and I need to start using my contacts elsewhere.

I've exported a copy of my contacts using the OS X Addresses app as a backup.

Options that I can think of are:

  • Starting to use my iCloud account (which I've never done before)
  • Transfer to my gmail account -- but that'd get mixed in with a huge mess of less useful contacts
  • Simply copy to use locally without an external syn. Is this possible? easy?

Are there other strategies that I should consider?


Since you indicated you didn't want to mix things and had an open account in iCloud which is not only free, but supported by Apple - I'd say you should start there and then ask us a more detailed question in followup if you run into any gotchas.

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    I exported in vcard format from Address Book (OS X Lion) and then used the import menu on icloud.com to load them up. – Doug Harris Nov 2 '12 at 19:18
  • Nice - you can edit my answer or post your own should any details be needed or you find any downsides. – bmike Nov 2 '12 at 20:19

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