Anyone using a Kodak ESP 7250 with OS X 10.8? Everything worked fine until I upgraded to 10.8. I have two computers and they both systematically stopped printing and scanning immediately after updating OS X.

  • I've tried Kodak support a few times but they are absolutely NO help.
  • I've installed the latest updates for printer and computer.
  • I have followed Kodak's troubleshooting steps.
  • I have tried USB and WiFi.
  • I have played with my firewall.

Nothing. Just thought I would throw out a message here and see if anyone has had similar issues that got passed it.



This happened to me with my Epson after upgrading to Mountain Lion. Not for a while did I realize, I was not following Epson's onsite directions to the letter, and when I did, everything began to work just fine.

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