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Can I plug two external monitors in to a MacBook Pro?

I've just purchased a new non-retina MacBook Pro 13" with the latest version of OS X (10.8.2).

I want to connect my two 22" displays (Samsung and LG) to my MBP and have a 3 screen workstation (laptop screen + 2 screens).

One external screen has got a VGA port and the other a DVI. The screen that has a VGA port has also got a DVI input.

Assuming I buy a VGA adapter that enables me to connect VGA to my MBP, could I connect my second screen to the first using the DVI port and see the 3 screens?

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I believe the answer is yes:

This should do it: http://www.iogear.com/product/GUC2015V/

As should this:


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    I've never seen good performance out of USB 2.0 display adapters. Would a USB 3.0 version be any better? If he got a new MacBook Pro it should have USB 3.0 ports. – Chris Herbert Oct 29 '12 at 21:42
  • I strongly recommend against this, they simply don't perform well. – Alexander Oct 31 '12 at 20:19
  1. Get a Mini DisplayPort to DVI adaptor, these cost around 5 bucks on ebay. You plug it in your thunderbolt. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-Displayport-Male-to-DVI-I-M-F-thunderbolt-Cable-Adapter-for-Apple-Macbook-/251063734918?pt=US_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item3a74909286

  2. Use a DVI cable to link that adaptor to your monitor


You will need a mini-display port to DVI adapter (for use with your thunderbolt port)


An HDMI to DVI cable (these are abundant and cheap)

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