I've been looking for situations similar to these before posting, but failed to find any. When trying to install Windows 7 (64bit) through Boot Camp Assistant on Lion, the Windows Support Software download failed. Thus, I followed the instructions from this post and from this cafe-encounter.net page and downloaded the suitable package for my model (MacBookPro9,1). I then installed the package and all the drivers seem to be working properly. The problem is that now I can't install the 3.1 (and consequently the 3.2) Boot Camp updates available from Apple Downloads website.

When trying to run the update, an error message stops me from proceeding:

"The Boot Camp 3.1 Update requires Boot Camp 3.0 or greater. Please install Boot Camp 3.0 before proceeding with the install of the 3.1 Update."

I thought that maybe the Boot Camp version I just downloaded is the most recent one. But if that's the case, shouldn't the message be different? And if that's not it, then I'm out of ideas.

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So my first guess was right, the WindowsSupport.dmg downloaded from the post's links installed Boot Camp I just checked the details tab on the Bootcamp executable (Program Files\Boot Camp), didn't think of that before.

Nonetheless, I still believe the updates should be prepared to check for more recent versions and throw a different message.

  • Ah, error messages - the last thing a software developer pays attention to. I'm glad the links on the cafe-encounter site worked okay. BootCamp is now on version 5, I update the links again last week. Commented Nov 25, 2012 at 21:19

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