How can I use Finder's search feature to find all files that do not match a certain criteria?

For instance, all files that don't end in ".txt" in the current folder.


Just typing the operand NOT before the criteria will do the trick.

So, in this case, typing NOT .txt will show all the files but the ones with the .txt extension.

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    Outstanding! Also to add to this, if your search requirement has more than one word, you need to enclose them in quotes, like Name > Matches > NOT "two words" – JVC Sep 10 '16 at 20:23

Exclude search results by using the '-' symbol

like this: Name -GMT

Will display filenames that don't include '-GMT'

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  • Does not work for me. The operator NOT as answered by @Thecafremo is the one that works. – Duck Jun 4 at 12:01

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