With the introduction of Mountain Lion, Preview acts up whenever I need to save a file. It does this regardless of whether I use File > Save or Command+S. The logs tell the same story:

10/20/12 10:54:48.700 PM Preview[56917]: RVS:__54-[NSRemoteSavePanel _runOrderingOperationWithContext:]_block_invoke_0319 : Timeout occured while waiting for the window

Right after Preview stops responding, this log shows up and I can use Preview normally again. This also occurs when I try to Move to... from the window menu.

I have all of Mountain Lion's latest updates. Is this a bug just like this and is Apple aware of it? Is anyone else experiencing these issues and are there known workarounds (besides quitting and re-opening Preview [although it does save your work and annotations right before, because of Auto Save...?] or using Skitch).


It seems that a recent restore and fixing permissions and the disk in Disk Utility have cleared up the issue. If it does happen again, however, I will return to this post with a bounty. Also, a recent OS X update seems to have eliminated the issue.


I disabled Documents & Data in System Preferences > iCloud to make this problem go away.

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