I am looking for free alternatives to download youtube videos in Safari.


There are a few extensions that will add a nice download button to the Youtube video page, and give you the option to download in various resolutions.

You can also try ClickToPlugin, which does a lot more than just offer a download link, but it does that, and it's one of my favourite extensions. Makes watching web video much nicer.

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  • Any idea if they work with private videos? I tried all of them but none seems to add any options to the toolbar or the video page. – rraallvv Oct 17 '17 at 18:23

Although not a safari plugin, a good alternative is the youtube-dl python script which works everywhere.

It can be downloaded on this github page.

If you want to use this directly from Safari then you could create a Service like this with automator (the path to the python script should be modified accordingly)

Automator script to download selected YouTube URL

With this service you can select a URL in Safari (for example in the address bar) and access it from the right click menu or the Services menu.

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You can try Save Tube.

It is Java based and it is safe (see here for more deatails)

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