I am looking for free alternatives to download youtube videos in Safari.

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There are a few extensions that will add a nice download button to the Youtube video page, and give you the option to download in various resolutions.

You can also try ClickToPlugin, which does a lot more than just offer a download link, but it does that, and it's one of my favourite extensions. Makes watching web video much nicer.

  • Any idea if they work with private videos? I tried all of them but none seems to add any options to the toolbar or the video page.
    – rraallvv
    Oct 17, 2017 at 18:23

Although not a safari plugin, a good alternative is the youtube-dl python script which works everywhere.

It can be downloaded on this github page.

If you want to use this directly from Safari then you could create a Service like this with automator (the path to the python script should be modified accordingly)

Automator script to download selected YouTube URL

With this service you can select a URL in Safari (for example in the address bar) and access it from the right click menu or the Services menu.


You can try Save Tube.

It is Java based and it is safe (see here for more deatails)

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