I manually restored the files in my User directory running cp from the Mac OS X Mountain Lion restore disk. Now I can not access my files anymore, and ls -l prints this:

drwx------   2 root    admin    68 17 Okt 21:29 Applications
drwx------   5 root    admin   170 17 Okt 21:29 Desktop
drwx------  11 root    admin   374 17 Okt 21:37 Documents
drwx------   3 fabian  admin   102 19 Okt 08:57 Downloads
drwx------  46 root    admin  1564 18 Okt 20:32 Library
drwx------  14 root    admin   476 18 Okt 20:44 Movies
drwx------   5 root    admin   170 18 Okt 20:56 Music
drwx------  17 root    admin   578 18 Okt 22:31 Pictures
drwx------   4 fabian  admin   136 19 Okt 08:57 Public

From what I understand, it should say fabian instead of root everywhere, but I can't seem to figure out the right command to change this. So, does anyone know how to fix this?

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The right command for changing the owner is chown

$ chown owner:[group] file_name

you can type the following line for retrieving more information

$ man chown

You can also try to run Disk Utility, wihch provide a tool for fixing the wrong Disk Permissions.

  1. Open Disk Utility
  2. Select your HD
  3. Click Verify Disk Permissions
  4. After looking at the result you can run Repair Disk Permissions

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