I'm looking for a keyboard and pointing device which I can use when my laptop is plugged into my TV. It needs to be able to connect to the laptop via bluetooth (I want to minimize the time and effort connecting the laptop), and the pointing device must be integrated into it.

I'm having a big problem finding a device to fit the bill online. I would have thought it was a very popular problem, and that there'd be plenty of devices out there... I've considered buying a bluetooth keyboard and "apple magic trackpad", which would be perfect if they were one unit...

The laptop is a macbook. I don't care if it's designed for windows, so long as it works with OS X.


  • There are many Windows-only items. My guess would be that, without drivers, these would give you keyboard OR mouse (depending on the device) but not both. Jan 24, 2011 at 3:48
  • Cheers. That blows chunks if it's true.
    – aaaidan
    Jan 24, 2011 at 4:22

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The Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard has a little trackpad on it. It's got a Mac version (~$150).

Also, the Adesso SlimTouch Wireless Mini Touchpad Keyboard for Mac (~$110) looks okay. I haven't used this brand, though.


Fentek has a mini bluetooth keyboard with nubbin which seems to be perfectly suitable, and it's about $50.

There's also an Aldesso bluetooth mouse-keyboard for about $130.


If you need rugged solution and price is no object try https://www.keyboardspecialists.co.uk/Shop/KBS/Product/2992/BT-87-TP/iKeyBT-87-TPDesktopBluetoothKeyboard.aspx

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