I'm writing this question on my iMac. It's connected to the internet via WiFi as my modem/router is in another room. My iMac has bluetooth running for my magic mouse and apple keyboard.

I've also got a PC here at home, running Windows 8 (I'm an MSDN subscriber) and it has a Bluetooth adapter and an ethernet port.

Currently, I can't connect the ethernet adapter because we're waiting for the wiring to be connected up.

Can the Windows PC share the Mac's WiFi internet connection via Bluetooth?


In System Preferences > Sharing, click "Internet Sharing" on the left. In the "Share your connection from" menu, choose "Wi-Fi," and then in the "To computers using" list, choose "Bluetooth PAN." Then check the box next to "Internet Sharing" in the list on the left to enable it.


(The options in the screenshot are only greyed out because you can't change them once Internet Sharing is on).

  • Thanks heaps :) Prompt answer and was exactly what I needed. Cheers!
    – Peeks
    Oct 13 '12 at 3:34

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