I've got an iPod Touch 5. I have a few calendars in Google Calendar, all which sync to my new device. However, some events from my primary calendar (the one with the same name as my email address) are missing on my iPod.

If I add a new event to that calendar, then it appears immediately on my device, and as I said, some events from the calendar do indeed appear.

I've tried refreshing the calendar but that didn't work. Anyone know what else I can do?

  • Do you have many events in that calendar? I've seen a case in which it took a lot of time (hours) to sync such calendar. It was solved by creating temporary calendar (that doesn't sync with the iOS device), moving all events from the original calendar to the temporary one, them moving several events from the temporary calendar to the original calendar, waiting for them to sync, and then moving more events and so on. Don't know what may be causing this, as I am not using Google calendar myself. – lupincho Oct 13 '12 at 15:44

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