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Macbook Pro Dual Monitors
Dual-Monitor Output from a new Macbook Pro

I've seen many questions posted here about how to setup a dual display on a MBP, and the answers all cite Thunderbolt as the best option for image quality.

My MBP has a Thunderbolt port and currently I'm using it with a mini-DP to DVI converter into a single 24" HP monitor. I'd like to buy a second, 24" monitor and use them side-by-side. I've read that this can be done by "chaining", but I'm unclear on the requirements for this. Is that feature ONLY available through displays that have a built-in Thunderbolt hub? And, are the only monitors with this feature made by Apple?

I'd hate to get the second monitor only to find out that I am limited to using it over USB and with some sub-par resolution. And I don't want to spend $999 on an Apple display :)

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    AFAIK, daisy-chaining can only be done with Thunderbolt displays. It will not work with DisplayPort. – Jason Oct 12 '12 at 18:22
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