I'm surprised that the Macbook Pro Retina has only one 3.5mm audio jack. It seems that port can be either headphone or mic in depending on what's connected but I need BOTH at the same time for Skype! My Skype headset has 2x 3.5mm jacks - one for output (headphones) and one for input (Mic).

How is Apple expecting us to use Skype on the MPBr? I've tried:

  • in-built speakers + in-build mic: The loudspeaker throws feedback into the built-in mic => unusable
  • headphones + in-built mic: Keyboard clicks and other ambient noises are picked up => unusable
  • microphone + speakers: Works but I can't use this unless I close my office door (i.e. only person in the room). I can't use this in coffee shops, campus areas, shared office environments etc
  • Bluetooth headset: Its a pain to make sure the headset is fully charged before the call and that it doesn't kill my WiFi (which it sometimes does).

How can I get a real wired headphone and mic to work with the MBPr? This thing is killing my conference calls ...


You will need the same type of headset that you use with an iPhone. It will have one 3.5mm plug that carries both the stereo audio and mic input (aka a TRRS plug). Some examples are apple's own EarPods, Sennheiser's PX 200-II i's, and any other iPhone headset.

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