I'm using iTunes 10.6.3 64-bit on a 13-inch Mid 2010 MBP running Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.1

When I pause a movie in full-screen mode in iTunes, the resume/play button remains greyed out. The only fix is to exit full screen mode then resume from a regular window, and then switch back to fullscreen.

How can I resume playback when watching fullscreen content?


Why are you using iTunes to play movies? go to Macintosh HD\Users\USERNAME\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Movies there you have the movies you bought (which is why you are using iTunes?)

you should download VLC player, it plays the movies so much better, and it is pretty much bug free.

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This is a known bug (especially when using external screens)

Are you able to upgrade to latest iTunes and OSX to check if it has been resolved?

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