Every time I open Photoshop, here it is, the annoying and obtuse timeline box. I hide it. I create my own workspace and save it. But every time I run Photoshop CS6 the timeline window is there. I close it, and open a file. Every time a file opens, the $&&%#$ window is back.

How do I get rid of this disgusting window?



Delete your Photoshop preference folder (or at least move it temporarily). It can be found in ~/Library/Preferences and named Adobe Photoshop CS6 Settings

Once it is gone, restart Photoshop. It should be in a clean state. Untick the Timeline in the Window menu and then close Photoshop. Reopen it again and the Timeline window should not be visible (as well as when you create/open files).


This was happening to me on a single file, because I'd messed around with animation a little and then deleted it.

What I had to do in the end to stop the timeline opening every time I opened that file, was to copy everything into a new PSD.


The only way to stop the Timeline window from opening every time you open your file, you must:

  • select all your layers in the Layers Panel
  • click on the options menu in the top right of the Layers Panel and select "Duplicate Layers..."
  • Duplicate to a "New" document, save the new document
  • Delete the old document with the timeline attached

That's it! This takes about 10 seconds.


If you want to get rid of the timeline go to the top menu and click "Windows" and then "Timeline".


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