Since all apps are now sandboxed when purchased from the Mac App Store, what does this mean for the install process? Do you literally downoad the .app bundle, which gets placed into /Applications, and then the process is complete?

Is it possible for an application that is sandboxed to install a Quicklook Plugin for use with filetypes it supports?

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Yes, any application placed in the Applications folder can provide QuickLook support.

Sandboxing does not affect an application's ability to support QuickLook.

Mac OS X looks inside applications for a QuickLook plug-ins folder. The specific folder is:


Support for Automator and Spotlight can also be provided using this per-application Library folder mechanism.

When you download an application from the Mac App Store you are still going through /usr/bin/installer. The Mac App Store downloads a flat-file installer package .pkg and then installs it on your behalf.

This allows the installation process to be more than just a single copy for complex applications; functionality that is only available to Apple software. For now, third party software can do no more than provide a single application to be placed within the /Applications folder.

  • Ah, I would have expected that it would only look in /Library/QuickLook, but looking in that directory I see fewer QLGenerators than I know I have on my system. Oct 8, 2012 at 3:39

Yes, you can add a Quicklook Plugin to an application. For example, QuickNFO uses one: QuickNFO Mac App store page

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