Trying to install Ubuntu server on my MacBook however the CD drive is not working. All the guides I have seen so far use the bootcamp process (same as for windows) to achieve this.

I currently have a windows partition on my machine (it was installed with a CD when the drive was ok) which I'm going to remove before I do this. Is it possible to boot using the USB drive from the Mac bootloader using this method? I don't want to remove my Windows partition to find that I NEED a CD to do this.

I would also prefer to have a separate partition as opposed to any sort of VM setup to do this.


The Mac EFI bootloader necessarily supports booting from properly-configured USB drives; I've installed Arch a number of times using the method described on their wiki. If you're in any doubt, make your USB drive before wiping anything and try to boot off it as you would to install just to make sure it'll work.

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