I'm trying to understand which device has better audio capabilities. I tried to do independent research, but the Apple site only has generic information for the MacBook Pro and the Thunderbolt Display

What are the detailed audio specs of each device and which one is better for Audio?

  • Neither are exactly known for producing high definition audio. If you value audio that much maybe you should invest in proper external speakers or headphones?
    – Gerry
    Oct 2 '12 at 23:05

According to the technical specifications, the thunderbolt display has 2.1 stereo speakers with a subwoofer and the system is rated at 49 W.

No one would consider the any MacBook Pro with the small internal speakers to be superior to the wall-powered solution that is part of the display.

You will want something like an external DAC if you are concerned about audio quality or want to connect speakers that are better amplified and suited to a special situation other than casual listening. The Display Port monitor is better than many $150 speaker systems, but you can also get quite amazing external sound starting at that price point in the US.

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