I have a MacBook Pro, Snow Leopard, and an Epson V700 Scanner.

I'm thinking of buying an Airport Extreme or even better, an Airport Express (cos it's cheap).

Can I use the Epson V700 via the Airport as if it was connected locally via USB?

Apple talks about printers but not dedicated scanner, any ideas...?


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You cannot scan over the network using the USB port of the airport express. It is only for printing.

Apple does not explicitly say that scanners are not supported, but it is not one of the official uses of the USB hub. I have not heard anyone being successful in this, and AFAIK there are no hacks/third party s/w to do this (like AirFoil for streaming audio).

I personally have tried, in vain. I have a HP all in one, but the Snow Leopard does not recognize the scanner functions. I have to physically connect the scanner for this to work.


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