I'm a big iTerm user with 3 split panes on a 30" monitor. The only issue is that I sometimes want to add a Safari window as the left most pane. I can achieve this by using any of the window sizers out there and setting the window to float on top. However, this means that I have to Command ⌘-Tab to get to the Safari window while I +arrow to switch between the panes.

Is there a program that not only uses a grid for positioning/sizing, but also provides directional navigation between panes?


I found Slate which might fit the bill. I've tried out the following ~/.slate and it does directional focus. Will check back after playing with it before selecting this answer.

# Focus Bindings
# NOTE: some of these may *not* work if you have not removed the expose/spaces/mission control bindings
bind right:cmd    focus right
bind left:cmd     focus left
bind up:cmd       focus up
bind down:cmd     focus down
bind up:cmd;alt   focus behind
bind down:cmd;alt focus behind
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