I have searched high and low looking for an app that will do a very specific thing.

I want to take a photo from my camera roll, apply a pre created shape mask to it (not freeform) and then save it back to the camera roll with a transparent background.

It appears that the iPad camera roll does not handle transparent .png files so well, it adds white where the transparency would be.

I have tried photoshop touch as well as a handful of other apps - but nothing seems to work.

I know I can do it on a Mac, but I am looking for a mobile solution.

Can someone please please help me.

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This App will allow you to make parts of a photo transparent then save to your camera roll. You will have to draw the shape or use the simple tools to create the mask. Works well for me as I usually want to remove the background. Not sure of the file format but they are transparent and are great to add to things like Keynote. https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/background-eraser-for-ipad/id532187687?mt=8


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