When you have a file open/save prompt box open, you can hit the / key to open a GoTo dialouge to navigate via the file path.

Is there a shortcut that does this action but automatically adds the ./

ie. hitting the shortcut would open a box looking like this: Goto Box in Open/Save prompts

(where normally the period at the beginning is missing)


You just have to delete the automatically added / in the beginning. The Go To box works from the current directory in the background.

For example if I open my home folder and press /, the Go To box opens with a / already there. If I want to work from the current directory (./), i.e., home, I just have to delete that /.

Now, if I type ./Desktop and press enter, or just Desktop and press enter, the result would be the same.

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  • muchas gracias amigo! – OrangeBox Sep 24 '12 at 8:38

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