I wonder if there is someway of sharing the screen on my macbook pro (which stands on the right of my iMac) to the iMac, so that I can use the same keyboard and mouse for both computers. I believe there was someway of doing this between windows and linux a few years ago using a kind of SSH-tunnel, but cannot find the application or what its called.

Any help?

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Teleport (free)

This application allows you to use exactly what you have described; the mouse is 'teleported' to the other screen when moving to its edge. It finds computers using Bonjour and sends events over TCP. Note that it is a preference pane utility (found in System Preferences).


Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is actually built-in already. Enable "Screen Sharing" in System Preferences -> Sharing on the computer you want to access remotely. Then you can access it from the Finder either by selecting it in the sidebar window or directly via Cmd-K and entering the address vnc://IP-Address or vmc://Bonjour Name.local.


If you've got an iCloud account, the easiest way to share a screen on Mac is to use Back to My Mac which is part of OS X and free. It can be a bit tricky to setup the first time you use it but once it's done, it's very convenient. Alternatively, there are plenty of free screen sharing apps for Mac that allow you to connect to any Mac anywhere and share the screen such as TeamViewer and LogMeIn. Hope it helps!


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