Recently I got hold of a Mac OS 9.2.1 retail CD and would like to test drive it in a VM. Is that possible?

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SheepShaver will be your best bet. There's several tutorials laying around on getting OS 9 running in SheepShaver.


All OS 9 capable machines run on the PowerPC platform, meaning that your VM software has to emulate that instead of the x86 platform.

These are pretty rare. I know only of qemu which can emulate multiple platforms, and it is mostly suited for technicians. I would go for a dedicated OS 9 emulator as suggested by https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/64963/3157


Sheepshaver only runs 9.0.4 therefor Mac OS 9.2.1 will not work. because sheepshaver can only emulate a Macintosh 9600. Not a Power Mac G4 or G3 iMac or even a G3 Powermac

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it would not work in vmware/virtulbox but it would work in qemu manager

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