How can I reconfigure a LaCie Big Disk Extreme so that Mountain Lion will see both of its disks?


Once, years ago, I accidentally did something bad to a LaCie device. Where normally its two disks appeared to Mac OS X as one larger disk, the accident caused the two smaller disks to appear. At the time, I chose to resolve the issue by reinstalling firmware with a LaCie-provided utility.

Now: I probably need to 'break away' from that RAID-oriented firmware – intentionally, not accidentally.

I don't want to create two volumes, neither can I place the disks in different enclosures.

I want to work with the two separate disks with the current enclosure, so that I can experiment with things such as ZFS.

When I last checked, in 2012, LaCie's firmware utility for this class of drive could not run on Lion.

Data in this enclosure is, always will be, disposable.

System information for the device

LaCie Big Disk Extreme LUN 0:

  Manufacturer:     LaCie Group SA
  Model:            0x1
  GUID:             0xD04B5A0E058DF1
  Maximum Speed:    Up to 800 Mb/sec
  Connection Speed: Up to 800 Mb/sec
    LaCie Big Disk Extreme LUN 0 Unit:
      Unit Software Version:  0x10483
      Unit Spec ID:           0x609E
      Firmware Revision:      0x102
      Product Revision Level: 912
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  • I'm looking for exactly the same, same Lacie, want 2 separate drives. Did you find a solution?
    – user45635
    Mar 20, 2013 at 14:28
  • @user45635 nothing yet. If I find one I'll add an answer. Mar 22, 2013 at 18:33


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