I'm using iOS 6's new remote web inspector feature, which is pretty nice.

Is there a way of forcing a page refresh on the remote iOS device from the desktop - it's just a bit easier then reaching over and refreshing the page on the device itself.


OK, figured it out, it's a bit kludgy, but works.

In the javascript console (the single line at the bottom of the web inspector) - type this:


This forces a page reload on the remote device.

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    Cool. I didn’t know there was a javascript console. I will delete my answer. – duci9y Sep 22 '12 at 10:13

While having the Safari Web Inspector focussed, press Command + R on your keyboard.

It's faster than typing document.location.reload();. Further, it doens't matter in which tab you are (Console, Elements, Debugger, or any other tab), so that also also makes it faster than going to the Console Tab, pressing Arrow up follewed by Enter.

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