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Can I plug two external monitors in to a MacBook Pro?

I have two Dell DVI-D monitors that I'd like to use with my new Macbook Pro (not Retina).

I have a single DVI-D -> Mini DP adapter, but obviously that only accounts for a single monitor.

My research for a split adapter has failed. Is there another trick I could use to make this happen?


There's no direct way to do it, unless you happen to own two Apple Thunderbolt displays you can daisy chain. What most people do is purchase a USB video adapter like a DisplayLink device. Performance and OS X support can be spotty but you might find something that'll work well, especially if you can get something with USB 3.0 support.

There are plenty of related questions in the sidebar --> that have more details on this.


There's things like this - http://www.sonnettech.com/product/thunderbolt/index.html. It's a Thunderbolt expansion chasis; you can put a video card in there. Don't know how it goes for drivers and they are fairly expensive. There's some others around.

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