Origami is very nice. However, detailed control is, in my case, very hard to live without. I am setting up a 10-minute slide show. I want to use several pieces of audio cued to different points in the show. I want to have some sections, and origama shuffles my pictures across the section boundaries. Even text slides don't clue it in that this might be a good place not to shuffle across. Some of my consumers find the plain 'Ken Burns' transition in imovie positively sea-sickness-inducing.

I can predict that the answer will be that, inside iphoto, I'm in the traditional 'Steve Jobs is the reincarnation of Henry Ford' situation, and I won't be finding any way to exercise detailed control. So, can anyone give me a running start on how to introduce other transition effects to imovie?


Versions of iMovie after iMovie HD don't support plugins and extra effects.

You're looking for something more along the lines of Apple Final Cut Express ($170) or Adobe Premiere Elements ($80).

Both let you make photo slideshows with titles, effects, transitions, and music; and both let you install free and paid plugins for more.

Hope this helps.

  • Well, then, It's time to turn this into 5 smaller shows in iPhoto, origami each one, export, import into imovie, and add music. – bmargulies Jan 16 '11 at 23:58

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