I'll soon be traveling to set up a Mac for my elderly mother. I'll need to later be able to control it from outside the network. I already use Apple Remote Desktop to control other Macs on my network, but i don't know how to penetrate the remote network to get to her computer.

What do I have to do to get her router to let me connect to it? I don't know what type of router she has, but if need be I will be installing an Airport Express or Extreme instead.


Without VPN-Functionality on the Router you have to rely on Software like 'LogMeIn' or 'Teamviewer' to access you Machine from outside your Home-Network.

As an alternative to LogmeIn you can use "Teamviewer". You have to install 'Teamviwer Host' on the Machines you want to control from outside and the regular 'Teamviwer' on your Machine.


Your best bet is LogMeIn. It utilises NAT bypassing techniques so you can be assured of reliability. It also uses a lot less bandwidth than VNC or Remote Desktop.

Confession: I love LogMeIn!

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