On my ML MBP, '/opt' is somehow 'hidden'. In the finder, it shows in gray. In various applications, it's invisible from a file selection dialog box. Get Info and ls -l show now flags that corresponds to this behavior. Is there any way to turn it off?

  • Do you have the Finder set to display invisible files? – bot47 Sep 19 '12 at 13:01

Out of the box, there is no /opt file delivered by OS X.

This command will show the hidden status of files in root ls -lO / with O being the capital letter, not zero. The chflags command can be used to toggle the hidden flag if needed.

Depending on how you got /opt created, you may or may not have issues with the permissions changing again - most tools leave things alone with respect to filesystem flags as long as the read/write/execute permissions are not removed.

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