I use three different accounts for downloading from the App Store, each in a different country.

When there is an update, I have to connect to the correct App Store to download the update, but sometimes I can't remeber from which store an app was downloaded and so I need to connect to each one in turns.

I would like to be able to find the account I used to download an app so that I can connect to the correct App Store immediately. Also, this would enable me to verify if the app already exists in the App Store of my main account and buy/download it from there.

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In iTunes you can simply right click the app in question and choose Get Info. On the summary tab you can see the account used to purchase the app. alt text


I would log in to each account and check your purchase history. That seems like the most direct way to me. This Apple article has details on how to do this.

  • I was hoping the information was available somewhere inside the iTunes Library, just not displayed at the GUI, and that I could find that reading some file.
    – lpacheco
    Jan 15, 2011 at 23:22
  • And the purchase history is separated in invoices, repeats the app for each update I downloaded and mixes iOS apps with OSX apps.
    – lpacheco
    Jan 15, 2011 at 23:26

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