My wife and I both have iOS devices (some iPods, an iPhone, soon an iPad), which means that both our iTunes libraries have not only music, but also apps, podcasts, iTunes U stuff, etc.

How could we manage to share just the music in one single location, and still keep our apps/podcasts/etc separated from each other?

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Would iTunes Home Sharing work for you?

Basically, one of you would have all your music, but every device would have access to it.


When the iTunes Store music was DRM'ed, this was a problem. But these days, your problem boils down to sharing the raw files for the music, and adding the directory containing those files to iTunes. Probably you're interested in the functionality of iTunes so that it can automatically "discover" music that has been added to a directory. I think that exists, but I haven't used it do far, so I don't know the details.

If some of your music is older and has access restrictions on it, then you have a bigger issue to work around. You can try to remove the protection. But otherwise, I don't a way to share protected music files and sync them together.

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