I have some global shortcut that does nothing apparent, but is overriding the combination in all applications. The shortcut is Command+Alt+F, which overrides the "Google Search" in Safari, and the Replace in Sublime Text 2.

Is there any way to determine which application this shortcut is actually being handled by, or what action it is triggering?


I've re-installed the OS many times since, so the original issue no longer bugs me. But I did find a third party application "Shortcut Detective" (http://www.irradiatedsoftware.com/labs/) that comes very close.

  • Fantastic! Despite Googling for ages... must have missed this. This solved my problem of Cmd(⌘)-Opt(⌥)-F not working in Chrome. Turns out Divvy was the culprit. Well worth the bounty -- ty:)
    – cavalcade
    Nov 7 '16 at 5:43

This should hopefully answer your question.

Go to System Preferences using Spotlight or the Apple Menu(). Then click on Keyboard.

enter image description here

When in the Keyboard Pane of System Preferences click on "Shortcuts"(on the upper part of the window), then click on App Shortcuts. There you will find listed all the third-party apps that have keyboard shortcuts.

enter image description here

  • Thanks for the writeup. Apps that steal global shortcuts unfortunately don't show up there.
    – cavalcade
    Nov 7 '16 at 5:44
  • @MattTagg There is no way it can not show up there unless you are leaving an application open(maybe you didn't notice) that is using those shortcuts.
    – airsquared
    Nov 7 '16 at 15:36
  • 2
    That's not correct. System Preferences -> App Shortcuts is specifically for user defined shortcuts. It does not list global application shortcuts
    – cavalcade
    Nov 7 '16 at 22:38
  • @MattTagg I did not add any shortcuts there, those have already been there and I have never added a shortcut there. Those are all the global shortcuts.
    – airsquared
    Nov 7 '16 at 23:27
  • I believe you. However, your conclusions are wrong because they're based on faulty inferences. In your image above, Google Chrome does not put "Shift-F5" there by default. So maybe you should be looking for malware or asking the babysitter why it's there ;)
    – cavalcade
    Nov 8 '16 at 0:36

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