Whenever I open iTunes, I get the standard OS X dialog,
Do you want the application "iTunes.app" to accept incoming network connections?
Every time I click allow, but I am asked the same thing without fail the next time I open iTunes.

In the Advanced section of the Firewall tab of the Security System Preferences pane, I see that iTunes is in fact set to allow. Changing the firewall settings makes no difference.

Any ideas for how to get this setting to stick?


I looked at Am1rr3za's article, and eventually it just said to reinstall iTunes, which I did. That worked. Am1rr3za, post as an answer if you want the points. Otherwise, I'll accept this one.

  • Starcraft II (a >10GB game) is doing this to me… I have to reinstall? :O </3 – Alexander Sep 19 '12 at 1:42

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