I'm trying to install Jenkins on 10.6.8 and part of this requires that modify the plist launch daemon. org.jenkins-ci.plist which is owned by root. I was using admin and I gave admin permission to write this file. I used this permission to make the admin the jenkins user and set the home directory to be the admin user directory. However now I cannot run the launch daemon.

launchctl: Dubious permissions on file (skipping)

Now I realize this is due to a security issue with having given myself this permission. The plist now has my admin user as the user for jenkins. Should I now just remove the write privileges and all is good (admin can now be the jenkins user) or not?

Update: I did sudo chown root org.jenkins-ci.plist and it still feels things are dubious.


If you're in /Library/LaunchDaemons, which I assume you are for a system daemon, and want the files to go back to default:

sudo chown root:wheel org.jenkins-ci.plist
sudo chmod 644 org.jenkins-ci.plist

The plist will register on reboot, or you can load it like this:

sudo launchctl load org.jenkins-ci.plist

You can check the status like this:

sudo launchctl list <<Job Name>>

Note that jobname is not the same as file name. Inside the plist you'll see a Label. That's the name:


In my example the name is DataScrub, so would be:

sudo launchctl list DataScrub
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